Reallusion iClone PRO 4.3.1929.1

Reallusion iClone PRO 4.3.1929.1

Reallusion iClone PRO 4.3.1929.1 | 572 MB
Real-time animation evolves with 3D Video FX, motion paths, HDR and rapid drag & drop creation inside iClone4. iClone4 combines real-time filmmaking & video production inside one powerful engine. The result is a streamlined production tool for motion graphics, 3D animation, video compositing and 3D stereo creation.

Production Environment
* New Interactive Play-to-Create movie directing mode.
* New Complete scene and actor editing mode.
* New Collapsible user interface and full screen operation.
* New Scene Manager for total project asset list and access.
* New In-screen object editing, faster object transformation, multiple select, model copy, and save to library.
* New Record live footage inside iClone3 as Action Captures.
* New Multiple actor selection and management tool.

Casting & Actor Style
* New G3 Avatar � fast performance and higher quality with fine texture detail.
* Photo-to-3D face fitting for generating custom actors.
* Design custom actor faces with facial feature morphing.
* Define faces with Normal Maps and multiple textures for aging and skin texture.
* Customizable 3D actor face shape morphing including eyes, teeth and skin color.
* New Body shaping with individual bone size scaling.
* CloneCloth � Custom actor clothing to cut and design.
* New Persona � Apply personality and direct your target actor by live keyboard control (W,S,A,D keys for actor puppeteering).

Motion & Interactivity
* New Live puppeteering controls actors and vehicles with hotkeys and right-click action menu.
* New Multi-actor dialog timeline for actor conversations.
* New Select, pose and animate actors with layered motion editing.
* New Camera and actor follow with look-at constraint.
* New DramaScript open source for writing actor and object interactivity.
* New Instant prop interaction with iProp Helpers.

Props & Scenes

* New Load and customize props, terrain, sky, grass and water.
* New Automatic real-time Flying Surface simulation with FLEX technology.
* New Water features ripple movement with reflection and refraction.
* New Landscape designer adds trees, flowers, plants and grass to any terrain.
* New iClone3 atmosphere can be made with 3D scene, sky, light, fog and weather particle settings.
* New Load 2D photos as image layers and backgrounds.

Camera & Lighting
* New Add multiple cameras to scenes with live view switching.
* New Live camera recording using fly, walk and follow cameras with videogame-like hotkey and mouse-look interaction.
* New Real-time advanced camera effects including depth of field and lens animation.
* Camera keyframe smoothing for automatic camera correction.
* New Lighting system with directional, point and spotlight.
* Quick track editing for cameras, lights and their attributes.

Special Effects
* Particle system special effects for fog, fire, smoke and more.
* Actor and object particle system linkage for attached effects.
* Material effects for glow, reflection, bump, opacity, specular, normal and diffuse.
* New Advanced material effects - reflection & refraction.
* Instantly spice up your movie with music and soundFX tracks.
* Audio blending with fade in, fade out, and volume settings.

Rendering & Output
* Multiple shader selection for performance enhancing preview options.
* Real-time preview, in and out markers and playback looping.
* Select and render previewing for isolated area rendering.
* High speed rendering for fast footage production.
* Flexible output for sharing or post-production (HD & DVD video, AVI, WMV, Flash, MPEG-4).

Advanced Timeline Editor (Pro only)
* New Full Avatar Track Management for multi-actor dialog and sophisticated motion editing.
* New Play-to-Create Live Motion Recording.
* New Complete motion editing with advanced Timeline Motion Tracks.
* New Flexible Clip Collection which allows you to precisely define the animation output range and build new libraries of animation assets.
* New Advanced Multiple Camera Timeline System.
* New Full featured Lighting System and Timeline Control.
* New Two additional sound tracks allow users to easily add SoundFX to movies with dedicated music and effect tracks.



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