ModelRight Professional v3.6.0.4

ModelRight Professional v3.6.0.4

ModelRight Professional v3.6.0.4 | 41.7 MB
The answer when you need a database modeling tool that surpasses the "least common denominator" approach taken by others.Do you need to design, visualize or document your database? ModelRight can reverse engineer your existing database to get a graphical view of it, generate all the SQL statements to create the database, or synchronize your database model with the database to keep your design up to date.

Do you need to control the most detailed aspects of your physical database?
ModelRight has more complete and in-depth support for your database's (currently Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and database via ODBC) most advanced features. In addition, it includes a sophisticated modern user interface that will allow you to edit your diagrams and navigate among them with ease.

ModelRight provides all of these powerful features (and many more) to help you produce the most complete and efficient database designs possible.
Whether you are a beginner or an expert database modeler, ModelRight is your answer when you need a database modeling tool that surpasses the "least common denominator" approach taken by others.

Here are some key features of ModelRight:
General features:
Unlimited or user-defined number of levels.
Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop
Within or between models. Careful. You'ld be surprised how many other products either don't have this or it doesn't work as advertised.
Find any object in the model by its type, name or any other property. Search using regular expressions and other common search criteria.
Maximum reporting flexibility by using XSLT Templates to generate reports. Click on the icon on the right to view an actual generated report.
Impact Analysis
The transaction history shows the full impact of any change that you make as you make it. View, save or print this info or use it to roll back changes.
Scalable Printing
Simply drag the page bounds to specify how much of your Diagram you want on each printed page.
Custom Print Dialog
Lets you select specific pages to print and change the print scale
Self-Validating Foundation
Building on over 15 years of experience developing database design software, ModelRight has been written from scratch with a framework that offers significant design tool functionality and a solid foundation on which to provide current service and to move forward.
Used internally to generate the database schema, a scripting interface (using any COM-based scripting languages ? like VBScript, javascript in an HTML page, or any .NET language) provides transparent access to model objects and properties for any purpose - like creating custom features. There's no need for a proprietary API.

User Interface:
Model Explorer
An expandable/collapsible, categorized tree view of all your model objects.
Our innovative mode-less style of interaction is simple and intuitive. Just click on an object in either the Model Explorer or Diagram to edit its properties. No need to pop up dialog on top of dialog to make changes.
Hyperlinked Navigation
Like a Web browser, you can navigate to related objects by clicking hyperlinks on property pages. Navigate backwards and forwards in the selection history using >the navigate back/forward controls.
Display Options
More display options than you can shake a stick at. Change font, color, 2D or 3D outlining, solid or gradient fill. Display table columns in Pk/non-Pk or generation order, Pk columns only or table comment. Display any child category (i.e. column, index, key, trigger, etc?) along with the table. Hide/display, expand/collapse the table display.
Diagram Navigator
Gives you a bird's eye view of your Diagram. The Diagram Navigator shows you a scaled down view of the current diagram so you can see exactly where you are within the overall Diagram. Move the red rectangle/navigator to quickly pan around the diagram. Scale it to quickly zoom in or out.
On-diagram Editing
Create, delete, rename objects right on the Diagram. For columns, you can also change datatype, domain, PK option, and null option right on the Diagram.
Misc. Graphics
Add text, rectangles, images, lines, circles, etc? as a backdrop to or to add interest to your Diagram.
Multiple Notations
Barker, IE, and IDEF1X notations are all supported.
Auto Layout
An expandable/collapsible, categorized tree view of all your model objects.

Domains are simply objects that define properties that can be inherited by other objects of that type. For example, a Diagram could inherit its background color from a Diagram Domain. If you change the background color of a Diagram Domain, all of the Diagrams and Diagram Domains that inherit that property would change. Many products define something akin to a Column Domain ? so that a datatype can be consistently applied to a set of columns, but ModelRight extends this capability by introducing many more types of domains (Tables, Materialized Views, Relations, Columns, Indexes, Diagrams, Tablespaces, Graphics, etc..).
Display, edit, and generate many types of relations - table relations, view relations, "select from" relations, and REF relations.
Compare with Model
Compare models to see their differences and exchange information.
Naming options let you specify how to handle non-unique name conflicts, max name lengths, case sensitivity and special characters.
Model Subsets
Organize your tables and/or views into different subsets for display or other purposes.
Key Migration
Specify whether you would like to migrate the columns of a key (alternate or primary), define which columns to migrate manually, or specify no migration.
Migrated columns are unified in the child table with other columns that have the same name.
By default, a migrated column has the same name as it has in the parent column. This is maintained automatically. So if the parent column name changes, the child column will also. With rolenaming, you can specify that a migrated column should have a different name than it does in the parent table.
User-defined Properties
Create your own properties and associate them with different types of model objects.
Model Validation
Run an interactive report to show invalid and incomplete model objects. Click on the report items to correct the issue.
Incomplete objects
Objects that have not been fully specified are colored red in the Model Explorer for quick identification. Display a message box or run Model Validation to see why.
Alias Types
Define your own datatypes as an alias for a built-in datatype

Schema Generation
ModelRight makes the schema generation process completely transparent and user-extensible. VB scripts (or any COM enabled program) access the model's objects and properties to generate the database schema. Use the scripts we provide or overwrite them at the table, model, or cross-model level.
Reverse Engineering
Connects directly to using a native driver. Filter by schema, storage, object type and expression to pick exactly what you want from your database.
Database Compare
You can compare your model with the current database to update the database with an ALTER script or to update your model from the database.
Modeless Database Compare
Shows you a comparison of your Model with the Database as you Model. Keep it open as you model and changes made to the Model will be automatically reflected in the Database Compare window - so you can always have a view of how your Model differs from the database. You can import or export differences without having to restart the compare process.
Oracle support - 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g
ModelRight supports the usual database objects like Table, View, Index, Constraint (PK, FK, UK) and Oracle specific features like, Materialized Views, Tablespaces, Clusters, Sequences, Packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Synonyms, Schemas, Index-organized tables, Table and Index (Local and Global) Partitions, LOB storage options, REF columns, Function-based indexes, etc.
SQL Server 2005 and 2008
Provides in-depth support - including many SQL Server-specific features like Fulltext Indexes, Filestreams, Computed Columns, Partitioning, etc..
MySQL support - 5.x and 6
ModelRight supports the usual database objects like Table, View, Index, Constraint (PK, FK, UK) - plus MySQL specific features like Collations, Character Sets, Engines, Logfile Groups, Databases, Tablespaces, Datafiles, and many MySQL-specific properties.
If you need to connect to a database that is not explicitly supported, you can use the ODBC database. ModelRight 3 can Reverse Engineer, Forward Engineer, and Synchronize with any ODBC compliant database. While ODBC support does not have the in-depth support for physical details, it does support basic objects like Schemas, Tables, Views, Columns, Indexes, Key and Foreign Key Constraints and all the database functions (Reverse/Forward Engineer and Compare/Alter).
Object-Relational (Oracle only)
Create new Types, attributes, object tables, object views, etc
Views (and Oracle Materialized Views)
Keeps the view up to date even when the referenced objects change. Changes made to the underlying objects are automatically reflected in the View definition.


· RAM 512 MB
· Disk space 30 MB
· Screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher
· Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g
· SQL Server 2005, 2008
· MySQL 5.x, 6


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