Hidetools System Administrator 7.5.2

Hidetools System Administrator 7.5.2

Hidetools System Administrator 7.5.2 | 1.71 Mb

System Administrator is a powerful tool designed to manage computer usage and internet access. It helps to prevent wasting company time and avoid losses. The software assists you in increasing productivity by blocking activity that is not work related such as Myspace or Facebook, instant messengers, online games, etc. Once activated, System Administrator can restrict access to games, instant messengers, internet browsers and other programs installed on the PC. As a powerful internet filter, System Administrator restricts internet usage by blocking specified websites and inappropriate content. The program protects the computer from negligent users by blocking installers and preventing negative computer changes. The detail reports allow you to see how System Administrator works and what websites and programs were blocked. System Administrator is the best way to restrict your employees' activity and internet usage.

Block Applications
System Administrator allows you to block any program from launching on the computer. It can be extremely useful for employers who want to prohibit applications that help waste time on the computer. One of the biggest problem applications for employers and parents are games. System Administrator can block games in a simple way and even the most computer-savvy users cannot revert the prohibition.

Block Browsers
Want to limit internet usage? Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and other browsers can be blocked by using System Administrator. It does not matter to System Administrator what kind of browser and version you want to block. The program has no limitation on browser blocking.

Block Instant Messengers
Instant messengers can take a lot of the employee's or the student's time. System Administrator can restrict access to instant messengers such as Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo messenger and others.

Block MySpace or Facebook
Facebook and Myspace are popular social networking sites which can take up hours of your employee's time. These sites are time wasters which can cost businesses millions of dollars. With just two clicks of the mouse, Myspace and Facebook and all associated pages can be locked on the computer prohibiting the user to access the websites. What can be done to easily avoid considerable company losses? The software is securely protected so even a very experienced computer user cannot get around System Administrator even by means of proxy services or anonimizers.

Internet Filter
System Administrator blocks websites according to the chosen filter. The program allows you to block websites by the categories as well as block specified websites . Each category contains hundreds of websites gathered by subjects such as adult content, social websites, etc., or you can specify certain URLs.

Block Installers
System Administrator protects a computer from installing new software which can sometimes crash a system or harm data by enabling an installer launch blocker. This feature blocks installation of new software for every user independently of his computer access.

Detail Statistics/Report
System Administrator monitors blocked PC activities so you can see how System Administrator works and what prohibited applications and websites the user tried to open.

Multi User
System Administrator allows you to limit every PC user account independent of its computer access level. It can be convenient for computer administrators to create a few user accounts with different levels of access and limit them with System Administrator in different ways.

Security protected
We understand that limiting the computer usage can lead to a user attempting to turn off the blocking software. That is why we made System Administrator highly protected. Password protection keeps unauthorized users from nosing around in the program

Easy Settings Export
Set up all of your PCs by one click. You can easily customize System Administrator on a hundred computers without wasting your time. It is not necessary to set up the program on each computer from scratch. Once customized the program settings can be easily imported to any other computer using the export/import feature.


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