Calories v2.6.2 MacOSX

Calories v2.6.2 MacOSX

Calories v2.6.2 MacOSX | 51 MB

Calories 2 finally healthy, slender and attractive ! You tried thousand and one diet with no success? You want to change your body and your life? Are you looking for an infallible guide? Then Calories 2 is for you! Easy to use software for your daily needs. While others still dream of a slender life, you have already begun! Calories records your eating habits, your weight and body analysis data. Simply and straight forward. Calories collects all informations and puts them into a self-describing picture. All at a glance. Calories points honestly to weaknesses and progress. And it will guide you to success.

Easy to use software with a clean and beautiful user interface
Super simple and quick trecking of your daily nutrition supported by integrated food database
USDA Food Database for Dietary Study 3.0", english and german integrated, including more than 6900 foods with 44 included nutritions
Food editor for creating custom foods
Multiple foods can be combined to new custom foods
Enhanced search with smart filters for finding foods with special nutrients and ingredients
Custom meals with individual assignment of time-frames for a day
Info-panel listing foods and meals nutrients and consumed nutrients for selected time intervals
Visualization of consumed calories, sorted by carbs, fat and proteine
Anzeige bei Überschreitung des gesetzten Kalorien-Limits
Visual indication when you overrun your limits
Super speed entering of daily weight data with the balance panel
Automatic calculation of BMI in real time
Tracking of body analysis data (fat, water, muscle, bones)
Direct integration of the WiThings body scale (weight and body-analysis data tracked wirelessly and imported automatically)
Tracking of activities and sports.
Database with standard activities and their calorie consumption with recognition of the personal body profile
Ability to add custom activities (Preferences).
Direct input of burned calories e.g., from Nike + iPod kits, fitness machines etc.
Graphic representation of tracked calories and burned calories as well as calculation and representation of the net balance.
The new credit indicator gives you a quick overview if you can go for more or if you should do some sports first.
User profile: Weight-goal, personal limits for consumed calories and nutritions
Clean and easy on the eyes graphical presentation of your intakes for the day, week, month and year.
Analyze charts: Weight, body analysis data and intakes are shown with their relation and dependencies
Chart graph data is clickable for instant editing
Your optimal BMI-range visualized
Convenient calendar panel for super fast navigation
Import of additional food databases
Export of data as CSV file for further processing
Optional family license allows to support up to 5 user accounts
Support for dimensions in pound/inch and kilogram/centimeter
Adustable components for body analysis data. Fat, water, muscle and bones can be activated separately.
Support for the dual fat/lean-mass analyzing model of the WiThings body scale
Support for assigning a dedicated WiThings user to a Calories user account


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