Eviware soapUI Pro v3.6.1 MacOSX

Eviware soapUI Pro v3.6.1 MacOSX

Eviware SoapUI Pro v3.6.1 MacOSX | 101 MB

SoapUI is the leading tool for Web Service Testing. With more than 950 000 downloads, it's the most used tool for SOA testing in the world. soapUI Pro also adds a number of "productivity enhancements" to the soapUI core which eases many recurring tasks when working with soapUI.

WSDL Coverage
Analyze request/response messages to see how well a WSDL contract is being tested/mocked/used

WSDL Refactoring
Automatically update requests/response/assertions when the underlying WSDL

Composite Projects
Work together in a team on your Web Service testing projects

Requirements Management
Manage/Import/Export Project Requirements and link them to TestCases.

Form-based Request Editor
Dynamically creates a user-friendly input form for request messages
To greatly ease the editing and understanding of request messages for both technical and non-technical users. Open the Request Editor and select the Form tab on its left

Overview Message Viewer
A non-xml message viewer for inspecting messages with direct links to xml/outline editors. To get an overview of the corresponding response/mock-request/monitored message

Tree-based Request/Response Editor
Shows a tree-view of the underlying message
To ease the navigation and understanding of larger messages. Open any message editor and select the Outline tab on its left

Table Inspector

Dynamically creates a tabular view of message content
To quickly give an overview of tabular message content. Open any message editor and select the Table tab on its bottom

Schema Inspector
Shows schema definition for selected node
To ease inspection and debugging of message content. Open any message editor and select the XSD tab on its bottom

XML Inspector
Shows XML fragment selected node
To ease inspection and debugging of message content. Open any message editor and select the XML tab on its bottom

Doc Inspector
Shows schema documentation for selected nodes' type. To ease understanding of message content. Open any message editor and select the Doc tab on its bottom (if enabled)

DataSource TestStep
Reads and loops data from external data sources.
To greatly ease the creation of Data-Driven Tests. Select Insert TestStep from any of the TestCase pop up menus

DataSink TestStep
Writes Test Data to external storage (JDBC, Files, Excel, etc..)
Eases collection of data to be used in subsequent tests or for external reporting. Select Insert TestStep from any of the TestCase pop up menus

DataGen TestStep
Dynamically Generates Test Data for your Tests
To simplify comprehensive testing of complex interfaces. Select Insert TestStep from any of the TestCase popup menus

Property Transfer Wizards
Automatically creates Property Transfers for selected content
To greatly ease the creation of complex TestCases / Message Flows. Right click on any node in the Outline Editor for a request or response message in a TestRequest Step

XPath Assertion Wizards
Automatically creates XPath Assertions for selected content
To ease the creation of XPath Assertions for TestRequest and MockResponse Steps. Right click on any node in the Outline Editor for a response message in a TestRequest Step

Integrated Reporting
Generate reports for functional test from within the UI
To provide summaries of Functional Testing for tracking and governance. Available from within TestSuite and TestCase editors

Groovy Script Library
Central Repository of Global Scripts that can be accessed from any script in soapUI and used for creating extensions.
Greatly eases reuse and scripting of complex scenarios. Available from within any Groovy Script

XPath Wizards
Allows creation of XPath expressions by selecting the desired target node
Greatly eases creation of XPath expressions in many situations. Select "Tabbed" desktop in the Preferences/UI Settings tab

Tabbed Desktop
Alternative Desktop layout

Major New Features:

JMS Testing
Test your Enterprise Messaging such as MQ's with our new JMS TestStep.

JDBC Testing
Our new JDBC DataStep enables complete end-to-end testing of your SOA's.

AMF Testing
For the Flash or Flex developer we now release AMF Testing for RIA Quality Assurance.

Query Builder
Create complex Database Queries without the need for SQL skills with our Query Builder (soapUI Pro).

Deploy as War
Run a Web Service Simulation in you live environment for Infrastructure Testing.


soapUI is so much more than SOAP testing. Over time it has become a Swiss army knife for functional testing and has support for many tests areas. Generally speaking, the main feature sets of soapUI are Service Simulation, Functional Testing and Load Testing. soapUI also includes many features for increased Test Quality as well as support for multiple protocols and several standards. If you need it, the chances are high it's in soapUI; if it's not, please let us know. We love hearing what's missing or wrong in soapUI. Remember, it's your needs that drives the development of soapUI.
Service Simulation

Service Simulation, or Service Mocking, makes it possible to simulate code or interfaces not yet available, enabling test creating from day one. MockServices are a very powerful feature in Agile projects.

Service Simulation features:
Auto Create Simulations from Service Specification
Create Simulation from Recording
Static Content Mocking
Custom Responses
Security Standards Support
SSL Support
Simulation Coverage
Deploy on Server
Functional Testing

Functional Testing features are the base features of soapUI. Find out if your SOAP, REST or JMS Services work as they should. Test your Web Site. And complete end-to-end tests by doing database testing.

Functional Testing features:
Test Multiple Protocols
Standards Support
Test Quality
Drag and Drop Testing
Test From Recording
Advanced Scripting
Data driven Testing
Security Testing
Browser Recording
Manual TestStep
Load Testing

Load Testing enables you to study how your Web Service behaves under load and verify that it measures up to requirements and SLA's.

Load Testing features:
Test Multiple Protocols
Click and run LoadTests
Preconfigured Load Strategies
Load Test Metrics
SLA Verification
Performance Monitoring
Real Time Statistics
Setup and TearDown TestSuites
loadUI Integration
Test Quality

High quality Test Cases are prerequisites for high quality test results. soapUI QA's the QA.

Test Quality features:
Test Coverage
Test Refactoring
Interoperability Metrics
Test Automation
WSDL Validation
REST Auto Documentation
Requirements Management
Multiple Protocols

soapUI provides support for the following protocols:
Standards Support

soapUI provides support for the following standards:
WS-I Integration
WS-Addressing Support
WS-Reliable Messaging
MTOM, SOAP, Inline Attachments
SOAP 1.1, 1.2



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