Audio Damage VST AU Pack 19-10-2010

Audio Damage VST AU Pack 19-10-2010

Audio Damage VST AU Pack 19-10-2010 (AiR ArCADE) | 3.41 MB for PC | 6.23 MB for MAC

This pack include: Discord 3 VST AU 1.1.0, Ricochet VST AU 1.0.1, Rough Rider Pro VST AU 1.1.0.


Discord3 is a comprehensive refresh of our popular Discord series of multi-effects. From subtle ADT effects to completely chaotic granular destruction, and everything in between, Discord3 is a capable and broad-reaching multi-effect plug-in.

The pitch-shifter consists of three separate algorithms: a "vintage" mode (the original Discord algorithm, modeled on the Eventide H910 and H949), a "clean" mode for more modern shifting sounds, and a "granular" mode for experimental effects. Each mode has its strengths, depending on the input material, and Discord3 has a broad palette of capabilities as a result. The P1 and P2 algorithms have full control over the buffer (window) size of the shift effect, for fine tuning the shift to the input signal, or for stranger sound effects. At the extremes of the six-octave shift range, some truly strange aliasing and artifacts can be had with this control.

Now, to be clear, if you're looking for a nice, clean diatonic pitch shifter for fine surgery and re-pitching the full program, you need to look elsewhere. Discord3 is a tool for sound design, barberpole shifting delays, and special effects; think Eno, Visconti, Bowie, or Dirty Mind-era Prince and you'll be on the right track.

PLEASE NOTE: Discord3 for OS X is Intel only, OS X 10.5.0 or greater. There is no PPC version. The Windows installer is both 32 and 64-bit, but the OS X side is 32-bit only at the moment. 64-bit versions will be available soon.


Ricochet is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use multi-tap delay, with the signature Audio Damage sound. Featuring a 16-step grid for programming tap time, Ricochet is right at home in modern electronic music production, designed specifically for that context, and is much quicker to program than the run-of-the-mill multi-tap.

There is a video featuring a quick overview of Ricochet's main features on YouTube, which you can find here.

NOTE: The OS X versions of this product require 10.4.1 or later.

Ricochet Features:

» Five independently controllable taps with individual multi-mode filter, panning, level, sync, mute, solo, and time.
» Unique dual-filter model for overall tone control.
» Two feedback modes (master and tap).
» A specially designed chorus that affects only the taps, for feedback smearing effects.
» Tempo-sync or free time operation per tap and overall.
» Full MIDI learn for CC control of every parameter (VST only)


What do you get when you add an isolator section to a stack of three Rough Rider compressors? Rough Rider Pro! While most multi-band compressors are designed to do gentle dynamics control (and to be fair, Rough Rider Pro can do that sort of thing if you want) we added the Nuclear Option to this compressor. 1000:1 ratio? Check! Series mode for ludicrous squishing? Check! Full isolator for extreme tone carving? Check!

In short, Rough Rider Pro is for those times when you want to know your signal is compressed. Other compressors are kittens, rainbows, and gumdrops. This one is a 40-foot-tall fire-breathing lizard.

This plug-in is available for Windows (XP SP2 or Vista) VST and Macintosh OS X VST and AudioUnit. Note that the OS X versions require 10.4.0 or later.

Rough Rider Pro Features:

Isolator: Crossover section for simple control of input frequencies.
Multi-Band Mode: For a single Rough Rider compressor on each band.
Series Mode: For three Rough Riders in a row.
Super-Short Attacks: Attack time goes as low as 0.1ms, for use as a distortion unit.
From Gentle To Nuclear: Ratio of 1:1 to 1000:1 for complete control of signal dynamics.
MIDI Learn: Simple-to-use MIDI Learn feature for hardware control of all parameters (VST only).

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