JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate v4.4.6

JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate v4.4.6

JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate v4.4.6 | 6.5 Mb

DatAdmin is a database administration tool that allows working with MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, EffiProz and MS Access databases. Its design is primarily focused on easy usage and thanks to the modularity and flexibility of the tool, it can be from functionality standpoint compared to single-database focused programs.

Connect to database
  • Connect using ADO.NET native drivers. Distributed with native ADO.NET drivers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, EffiProz.
  • Native drivers for MS SQL are distributed with .NET.
  • Function Driver manager, which allows using other ADO.NET drivers
  • Connection over generic database interfaces OLE DB and ODBC
  • Function PHP tunnel, which allows connection to MySQL databaases on webhosts server, which dosn"t offer direct access to database server
  • Creating new file base databases (SQLite, Access, EffiProz)

Database management
  • Creating and editing tables (CREATE, ALTER TABLE), database specific table properties (MySQL engine, collation)
  • Comfortable foreign key management, UPDATE/DELETE rules
  • CHECK, UNIQUE constraints, indexes
  • Database object management - triggers, functions, stored procedures, views, schemata
  • Generating SQL scripts for different object types - CREATE, DROP
  • MySQL objects: triggers, functions, stored procedures, views, events
  • MS SQL objects: triggers, functions, stored procedures, views
  • SQLite objects: triggers, views
  • Table of supported database objects for each database platform

View and edit data
  • Viewing and editing data in table
  • Quick fulltext search
  • Filtering rows - fulltext search or SQL conditions
  • Sorting rows by clicking on column header, sorting by more columns
  • Lookups (preview of destination foreign key row), selecting rows from validation tables
  • Automatic master/detail views created from foreign keys
  • Forward/Back function for browsing master/detail views history

Backup, export, import
  • Backup database as "Data archive" - ZIP file - platform and database independent backup
  • Ability to use native backup tools (mysqldump, pg_dump)
  • Restore from backup, restore whole database or selected tables (selecting tables is possible only when using data archive as backup format)
  • Export of table data to formats CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, SQL, Excel
  • Import of table from formats CSV, XML
  • Export database structure into formats HTML, WIKI
  • Copy database/table to another server using drag & drop
  • Transform table data when copying or exporting table. Columns can be reordered, column value can be fixed or transformated using Python.
  • Transformation can be saved and later reused.
  • Any data operation can be saved as job and executed later, also from command line
  • Scheduling using Windows Scheduler Service (applicable to any type of job)

Database design
  • Editing of database model. Model can be generic or database specific
  • Definition of tables, keys, constraints
  • Definition of all object types in database model
  • Database diagrams, stored in connection (locally or in database)
  • Comparing & synchronize structure of model, real database or data archive (database backup)
  • Migration of model to different dialect
  • Generating CREATE/DROP scripts in any of supported dialect
  • Reverse engineering - loading model from existing database

Query designer
  • Drag & drop tables and joins
  • Support for left, right, inner and outer join
  • Quick adding referenced table (only by clicking on referencing column)
  • Condition builder with handy conditions not directly supported by SQL (column contains text?, column contains one of string?). You can build complex
  • conditions with AND and OR operators in the some as trivial conditions
  • Saving and loading designed scripts, generating SQL from designed query

Query editor
  • SQL Editor with syntax highlighting
  • Advanced search & replace
  • Scripts folder - you don"t have to thing about where you have your scripts
  • Saving query context with query (server, database)
  • Viewing more resultsets from one query
  • Query variables, if you use it, you are asked before every query execute
  • History of executed queries

Database versioning
Database versioning is quite dificult issue, which must be solved in almost every software-development companies. Goal is to maintain synchronization between database structure There are more ways, how to achieve do this, but generally it belongs is one of following category:
  • one database shared between all developers
  • each developer has his own database

The first way is simplier, but there are lot of problems with synchronization of developers, and when moving database to production environment. Better way is to maintain scripts for updating database, which can each developer run on it"s our instance. DatAdmin offers powerful tool, which can help with this task.

This tool can:
  • maintain versioned database model (table and object definitions, table static data)
  • generate upgrade and downgrade scripts
  • generate C# class, which creates and upgrades database (it uses version onformation stored in database)

We use this database versioning in our company for several databases (the biggest (on MS SQL) have over 100 versions and about 90 tables, also some views, stored procedures and functions).

Data synchronization
Data synchronization feature can be used, when we have primary and secondary data source (eg. table), which should contain the same data. Data synronization automatically updates target table so that it contains the same data as source table.

Synchronization job can contain more tables, order of tables can be explicitly defined. Also there is posibility to switch off foreign key checking (this is neccessary if there are circular references using foreign keys in tables).

Synchronization source can be:
  • table
  • view
  • query

Synchronization target must be table. Both source and target can have defined WHERE condition (restiction) and also columns affected by synchronization can be defined (projection).

How it works
DatAdmin synchronization is effective, with optimalization of used bandwidth. For compare data, MD5 hashes are used. Update phase generates UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE commands on target table (you can disable any of this command, than synchronization can eg. only add new records (if UPDATE and DELETE are disabled)). If difference in row is detected, whole row, except synchronization key, is updated.

Synchronization key
Synchronization key is combination of columns, which is used for identifying and pairing columns in source and target table. This key should be unique on row set after applying WHERE condition. If synchronizing whole tables (without WHERE restriction), the simplest way is to use primary key.

When synchronization key different from primary key is useful? Eg. when we have table with autoincrement column as primary key, and unique column is present in table, we can set this unique column as syncrhonization key. (Autoincrement primary key must be of course excluded from synchronization).

Synchronization between different dabase engines
Synchronization between different database engines is also possible, but there are some restrictions:
  • there can be with comparing some columns types (mainly UNICODE strings), you should disable these columns for comparing
  • correctly handled are numbers, date and time, varchar with "small" length. It is better to use only these columns for comparing (eg. you can help yourself by adding columns like ModifiedAt, if this column is different, whole row is updated)



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