Rumpus 7.0.1

Rumpus 7.0.1

Rumpus 7.0.1 | Mac Os X | 11.7 MB

Rumpus is an easy-to-use, high-performance FTP, WebDAV and Web file transfer server for Mac OS X. Key features include built-in, easy to administer user accounts, integrated Web file transfers, file upload notification, extensive security options, blazing performance, and more... Also included is a remote server activity monitor, Rumpus FileWatch, and a server statistics widget, RumpusStat.

What"s New In Rumpus 7
Administrator Notices
New administrator notification messages can be sent when new users are created via Web administration, when users log in or out, or when disk space begins to run low. Management of administration notices has been centralized on the "Event Notices" window to simplify setup.
Built-In SSL
Secure services are now provided within the Rumpus server engine, making Stunnel installation unnecessary. This change simplifies setup, makes HTTPS and FTPS service more robust, improves client tracking, and adds FTPS via TLS/SSL service.
Web File Manager
The "Modern" Web interface is now the Rumpus default appearance, and all WFM appearances have been revised and improved. For example, additional user feedback during long operations is provided, and other feedback messages are more responsive. Also, the file upload progress indicator now correctly appears within the upload page, rather than the pop-up window used in previous releases. Drag and Drop uploads are supported in FireFox 3.6, allowing users to drop files right from their desktop into the Rumpus file listing to upload. Finally, a new "Text Only" WFM appearance is now offered, improving accessibility for Rumpus servers.
Drop Ship & File Request Improvements
Numerous improvements to guest transfer services have been made, including:
The "Activity" window now includes "Drop Shipments" and "File Requests" lists, allowing administrators to view pending guest transfers, and delete them if needed.
A number of minor bugs related to drop shipping from FileWatch and the Rumpus control application have been corrected.
The Web-based drop ship interface has been improved, and the drop ship URL expiration is now displayed when a file is sent.
Senders can also now generate a drop ship URL without sending an e-mail, so that unique file access URLs can be easily created for any method of distribution.
Drop ship URLs can now be set to remain valid for longer periods of time, or to never expire at all, and file request expiration can now be specified by the server administrator.
Control Application Changes
The Rumpus control application has been reorganized to make initial setup and ongoing management easier, with important server settings easier to find. The new "Network Settings" window includes several configuration items previously found in confusing and illogical places in the interface. Other options, including "Address To Serve On" and router compatibility settings have been simplified.
Open Directory Integration
Rumpus" Open Directory authentication function has been significantly updated. Directory services groups are now available, allowing different users to be granted different privileges and be assigned other unique settings in Rumpus. Also, user e-mail addresses are now pulled from the directory server, allowing users to take advantage of the Rumpus Drop Shipping and File Request functions.
Folder Triggers
Event Notices can now be executed based on activity in specific folders. For example, when a local users uploads a file into some other user"s content folder, Rumpus can now be set to send an e-mail to that person, or take other action.
Other New Features & Important Bug Fixes
The basic FTP service can now be disabled.
Field labels in the Rumpus control application are now more consistent for improved accessibility.
When performing a version update, WFM template updates are now applied to all domains.
Several bugs have been corrected to make remote administration more reliable.
An option to hide Web file uploads until the entire transfer is complete has been added.

Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later.

Version 7.0.1:
Folders accessed through aliases now correctly cause Folder Triggers to be executed.
Extended characters are now allowed in user-selectable WFM appearance names.
The date and time is now correctly included in the WFM Activity log.
Rumpus now periodically resets some SSL buffers.
The Web user account administration page of the "Text Only" WFM interface has been altered to improve VoiceOver compatibility.
Improved compatibility with Exchange mail servers.
Fixed a problem computing GMT date/time in HTTP response headers and in SMTP mail messages.
Added an option to restart the server daemon each day at a selected time.
Improved error reporting in SSL initialization and processing.


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