TrackMate 6.33

TrackMate 6.33

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For over 20 years researchers have been looking at ways to go beyond the mouse and keyboard to interact with computers. One of the most promising areas has been tangible user interfaces; physical objects directly coupled with digital information. These new interfaces have typically required expensive technologies and complex installation procedures, limiting them to the context of specialized research labs and museums.

Some of TrackMate’s capabilities are listed below:
New! Support for dual meet scoring.
New! Interface to FlashTiming video timing system (
New! Online (Web-Based) Entries (
Interface to Eagle Eye video timing system (
Interface to FinishLynx timing system (
Any number of divisions and schools can be entered.
Any number of contestants may be entered.
Any number of custom events types may be added.
Division/school/contestant names need only be typed once.
Supports both indoor and outdoor standard event types.
Track events can have preliminary heats, semi-final heats and one final heat. Alternately, preliminary times may be used to determine final places, without either semi-finals or a final heat.
Preliminary and final heat and lane assignments are made automatically. However, if you want, you can put people in heats any way you wish.
Many custom heat assignment configuration options are available to tailor automatic heat and lane assignment.
If people drop out of events after heats have been assigned, you can re-heat with the press of a single button.
Blank heat/entry forms are generated automatically.
Ties are broken automatically.
Preliminary and final results sheets can be printed..
Current point totals for each school in the meet may be viewed at any time during or after the meet. You also get top individual point totals.
Meet results summaries may be printed at the conclusion of the meet. Summaries are available on a per-division and per-school basis.
You can import event entries from one TrackMate data file into another. Using this feature, each school can send a data file containing their entries, and these entries can then be directly imported into the main meet data file.
Prints to any Windows compatible graphics printer.
Online help is available.
TrackMate uses the National Federation of State High School Associations track & field rules.
Print labels for awards.
Enter distances and heights in either English (feet/inches) or metric (meters and centimters) units.
Athlete (bib) numbers.
HTML export includes team totals.
Copy athlete names to/from clipboard. This allows you to import athlete names from a spreadsheet, text editor or word processor directly into TrackMate, without having to type them in.

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language : English

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