Soundiron Tuned Artillery KONTAKT

Soundiron Tuned Artillery KONTAKT

Soundiron Tuned Artillery KONTAKT | 1.68 Gb

This unique tuned and untuned metallic percussion library is based on dry and hall recordings of spent brass field artillery shell casings from the WWI and WWII eras, plus a few odd extra elements in the same vein – an Eastern Bloc infantry combat helmet and a couple of decommissioned modern hand grenades. Weapons of destruction made beautiful!

Artillery shells and military helmets actually have a long history in modern classical music in the hands of pioneers like Harry Partch throughout the mid and late 20th century. They're not at all uncommon to find in avant-garde classical and experimental music today, used both as untuned anvil-like striking instruments and pitched over a tuned key range. In both cases, the high-quality precision cast and machined brass shell casings produce deeply resonant and harmonically rich qualities, when struck on the sides, edges and base with mallets, hammers, sticks, brushes or bare hands.

This library features well over 3GB of content, including 3026 samples and 110 Kontakt presets, each with a powerful and artfully designed custom user interface. You'll find both tuned and untuned metal percussion elements, with a variety of useful articulations featuring up to 10 velocity layers and 12 round-robins per layer for each one. We've also included a deep bonus collection of hand-crafted ambiences and tonal pads that we created by manipulating the original source material. These soundscapes, drones and textures provide a perfect and quite organic accompaniment to the more traditional multi-sampled library material they were directly derived from. We've also included a range of automatable LFO, EQ, filter, custom convolution, reverb and arpeggiation systems to expand on the creative possibilities that this library offers.

* 4 different Artillery Shells.
* 1 Protective Helmet (safety first!).
* 12x Round Robin.
* Multiple Velocity Layers.
* End and Side Articulations (Shells).
* Top and Edge Articulations (Helmet).
* 3 Mic positions (Close, Wide & Far).
* Dry Articulations for all 5 objects.

Controls and FX
* Custom front panel controls, including all critical performance shaping parameters
* New Multi-Layer Builder Utility allows custom key-range assignments and sample set loading on the fly
* Our groundbreaking "Uberpeggiator" system
* 3 Fully Independent Microphone Positions for all instruments, with an added dry position.
* Selectable and fully automatable Kontakt multi-effects including EQ and filters.
* 40 custom convolution IR samples, with fully automatable parameter control


Download Part01
Download Part02
Download Part03
Download Part04
Download Part05



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