NewTek LightWave 11 SP2 11.0.2

NewTek LightWave 11 SP2 11.0.2

NewTek LightWave 11 SP2 (11.0.2) | 667.6 mb

NewTek is pleased to present a maintenance update to the latest edition of LightWave 3D. LightWave 11.0.2 offers a range of new features and functions to enhance workflow for 3D content creators. These include a new Instancing workflow with a variety of distribution options, motion and surfacing controls; hardbody Bullet Dynamics; a new Flocking Controller for applying behaviors to masses of objects; Python scripting with access to the same range of SDK elements as LScript; new interchange tools for ZBrush and Unity; improved volumetrics; FiberFX performance improvements, texturing of fibers, support for the new instancing system, and a new volumetric mode that provides normals and improved support for buffer output; new blending capabilities for all modes of HyperVoxels; a new, more powerful and comprehensive Compositing Buffer Export image filter; enhancements to the Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR) and rendering speed improvements for GI and sampling; and performance enhancements in both Layout and Modeler.

LightWave 11.0.2 Change List

* Fixed Case 45577: BRDF shader dialog too small. Adjusted to fit properly
* Fixed Case 43976: MirrorHierarchy tool GUI glitch. UI fixed along with neater layout.
* Fixed Case 47153: When you use the FX Browser to add a partigon emitter the partigon emitter object (used for
surfacing) does not appear in the scene editor, nor in the advanced save dialog when you quit.
* Fixed Case 46115: Rename facilities not preventing use of Relativity's reserved terms in item renaming.
Attempting this will generate a warning now.
* Fixed issue where Morph Mixer was crashing when the TRex scene was cleared.
* Fixed Case 47457: Expression Builder text overflowing text window.
* Fixed Case 46570: When Replace Object is used and later the Advanced Save Dialog is used, saving the
replacement object instead overwrites the original object.
* Fixed Case 47540: Object with long filename crashes Layout.
* Fixed Case 47580: Selective 'Load items from scene' with this scene crashes Layout.
* Fixed Case 46906: This scene crashes LW11 upon loading. The scene file has an expression attached to an
envelope which the expression also references. This is not supposed to be possible. The graph editor will warn
you if you try to set up such a situation, usually. So somehow the user managed to find a way to do it. Added a
protection against infinite recursion in the expression change notification.


* FX: Fixed Case 47153: Partigon Emitter added via FX Browser does not show in Scene Editor or Advanced Save
* Fixed Case 46219: "Normal" rotation alignment does not work as expected in Surface mode. Revise surface
instancing rotation to use the internal polygon data and not use the instancer normal rotation function. Please
test any scenes and provide feedback on this change.
* Fixed Case 45783: Crash when trying to add a third party particle emitter to instancing.
* Fixed Case 44664: Dissolved Object renders as a hole in instances in F9 render.
* Fixed Case 43636: X motion vector is incorrect on instances.
* Fixed Case 46438: 11.0.1 Instances don't rotate correctly with parenting and offset.


* Fixed Case 46056: Flocking generator missed some localizations.
Graph Editor
* Fixed Case 46730: Graph Editor jumps to time slider position w/Track Layout Time enabled. (Behavior is now
back to matching v9.6.)
* Fixed Case 47632: Graph Editor 'Last Used Filter' is not working.
Node Editor
* Fixed Case 46526: Image nodes UV border artifacting bug.

.....and more.

About NewTek

Founded by Tim Jenison in Topeka, Kansas, NewTek makes portable live production and 3D animation systems. And since 1985, our philosophy hasn't changedto make available the live production tools that help you realize your dreams. And then distribute them for the world to see.

Based in San Antonio, we're best known for creating groundbreaking products that are professional, easy to use and cost-effective. The tools we provide have seriously broadened the base of those who create film, broadcast-quality video, and a variety of graphics for film, television, games, software, and print. You look to us for innovative products at unmatched prices. And we deliver.

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Name: NewTek LightWave
Version: 11.0.2 (SP2) Build 2260
Interface: english
OS: Windows Vista / Seven
Size: 667.6 mb


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