Unity 3 v.3.5.6 Mac Os X

Unity 3 v.3.5.6 Mac Os X

Unity 3 v.3.5.6 | Mac Os X | 960 MB

Unity 3 is an integrated authoring tool for creating 3D video games or other interactive content such as architectural visualizations or real-time 3D animations. Unity is similar to Director, Blender game engine, Virtools or Torque Game Builder in the sense that an integrated graphical environment is the primary method of development.


With Unity 3, we've put tremendous effort on world building tools – so you can assemble and tweak your levels at the speed of thought.
Edit. Test. Play. With Unity, testing your latest idea is never more than a click away. This lets you drill down to find the fun, then polish it until it's perfect.
Target platform can be switched instantly, so you can develop from a single source for mobiles, web, PC/Mac, and consoles.


We rewrote Unity's rendering pipeline so your games can look the best they can – and get a 50% performance boost on top.
Unity 3 brings Beast lightmapping and Umbra occlusion culling to the table – a key part of making games look great and run fast across all devices.
Design the perfect aural ambience with our new integrated audio filters and in-scene editing tools. Captivating your audience has never been easier.

Mac OS X:
Intel CPU & "Leopard" 10.5 or later. Note that Unity was not tested on server versions of Windows and OS X.
Graphics card with 64 MB of VRAM and pixel shaders or 4 texture units. Any card made in this millennium should work.
Using Occlusion Culling requires GPU with Occlusion Query support (some Intel GPUs do not support that).
The rest only depends on the complexity of your projects!.

System Requirements for Unity iOS Authoring
An Intel-based Mac
Mac OS X "Snow Leopard" 10.6 or later
The rest only depends on the complexity of your projects!

System Requirements for Unity-Authored Content
Windows 2000 or later; Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
Pretty much any 3D graphics card, depending on complexity.
Online games run on all browsers, including IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, among others.
Android authored content requires devices equipped with:
Android OS 2.0 or later
Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU
GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended

Release Notes: http://unity3d.com/unity/whats-new/unity-3.5

“Unity 3.5.6 - What's new

This release of Unity primarily contains fixes to Unity 3.5. For more information about recent features, see the Unity 3.5 Release Notes.

Shuriken Particle System
Built-in Pathfinding
Upgraded Occlusion Culling & new LOD
Google Chrome Native Client deployment
Linear Space Lighting and HDR


Audio: Fixed AudioClip SetData and GetData to handle when the array passed in is longer than the clip itself.
Android: Fixed a rare case where libmono.so / libunity.so would not load due to "unable to link library".
Android: Added exception checking / propagation for script-based JNI Calls (AndroidJava* / AndroidJNI*).
Android: Enforce that System.Net.Sockets use is only allowed with an Android Pro license.
Android: Loading a lot of assets through Resources.Load() could create a memory-leak-like behavior - this has been fixed.
Android: Fixed EGL context recreation when post-effects are used.
Android: Fixed reverse portrait mode.
Android: Webcam resolution and frame rate selection is now more accurate.
Android: Webcam now works on Ice Cream Sandwich and JellyBean devices.
Android: Webcam now works on Motorola and OMAP devices.
Android: Microphone resources are now properly released when pausing the application.
Android: Audio should now play without any clicking noise on Kindle and Nook, although latency is still pretty bad.
Android: It should now be possible to play and record audio at the same time.
Android: Fixed issue where files with 'meta' in their name was not package in the apk.
Android: Gyro.attitude did not compensate for screen orientation, nor device natural orientation (phone/tablet) - this has been fixed.
Android: Restarting an application right after calling Application.Quit() could cause a race condition between quitting the old and starting the new process.
Android: Input.multiTouchEnabled was returning false before the screen received an initial touch.
Android: Changed some tags in the AndroidManifest to have required="false".
Android: Fixed a problem where non-development ('release') builds would fail to load on devices with kernel 3.4 and later.
Android: Autorotation with only either portrait or landscape modes is now enforced by the manifest as well.
Android: Fixed a fullscreen video issue where the video wouldn't display due to orientation being changed.
Android: Fixed an issue where the fullscreen video in some cases would start to play even though it was not yet visible.
Android: Fullscreen video no longer plays while the lock-screen is in effect.
Android: Back button will quit the application while the first level has not yet been loaded.
Android: Added Nexus7 (1280x800) to GameView settings.
Android: Runtime class Ping now works.
Android: Made sure OnScreenKeyboard can be opened again after being closed due to lost focus.
Android: Changing system time/date while application was running would cause an ANR.
Android: Fixed camera initialization on platforms without fps range support
Serialization: For non-webplayer-targets, scenes (implicitly) referencing assets placed under the Resources folder will now always have the assets placed together with the scene (and not in the resources.assets).
Editor: Updated PVR Texture Tool to 3.0@2144429
Graphics: Fixed batching issue with multiple lightmaps in the scene (now we sort by lightmap as well).
Graphics: Fixed error "Adding renderer during rendering is not allowed" when using Trail Renderer with reflective water.
Mobile: Texture.ReadPixels is no longer delayed, but prints error instead if called at the wrong time
iOS: Fixed ios6 compatibility.
iOS: Fixed various orientation issues.
iOS: Fixed basic license splashscreen compatibility with Xcode 4.5.
iOS: Added support for iPhone 5 tall splash screen.
iOS: Added support for rendering @ full res on iPhone 5.
iOS: Added iOS 6.0 target selection in PlayerSettings.
iOS: extracted video view controller to trampoline, provided ios6 specific interface to allow orientation control on ios6 and proper handling of orientation requests coming from video controller.
iOS: added supportedInterfaceOrientationsForWindow workaround for game center and friends, make it support all orientations.
iOS: fixed splash orientation issues on ios6 phone-like devices.
iOS: Unity Remote fixed to support iPhone 5 res.
Native Client: Fixed race condition when loading mono assemblies.
Terrain: Fixed crash when setting heightmapMaximumLOD to out-of-range values.
Webplayer: Fixed crash when running in-process in Firefox 15.
Windows: Fixed issue where batchmode players and webplayers could be limited only to run on cpu0


Android: Added Ice Cream Sandwich MR1 (4.0.3) and JB (4.1) to the list of SDK APIs.
Editor bugreporter: Uses upgraded backend
iOS: 16:9 / 9:16 aspect ratios added to Game View.
Mac OS X Editor: Installer is now signed, so it will install on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion in the default security settings.


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