Delcam FeatureCam 2012 R3 SP5

Delcam FeatureCam 2012 R3 SP5

Delcam FeatureCam 2012 R3 SP5 | 1.3 Gb

The 2012 R3 release of FeatureCAM includes important new strategies for roughing and turn-mill operations, alongside a range of more general enhancements to allow faster toolpath generation.

FeatureCAM was the world’s first feature-based programming software when it was launched in 1995. Constant development since then has ensured that the system has retained its leadership in programming speed and ease of use, while an increased range of strategies has been added to provide more efficient toolpaths giving greater machine productivity.

The main addition to FeatureCAM 2012 R3 is a series of new strategies for 2.5D roughing. These include a continuous spiral option to minimise wear on the cutter and machine tool, high-speed roughing options, including trochoidal machining and Delcam’s patented Race Line Machining, and "tear-drop” moves to clear corners more smoothly. In addition, more styles of leads and links can now be used to give greater overall efficiency for the toolpaths.

More flexible functionality in FeatureCAM 2012 R3 gives you more powerful machining capability.

- Inserting G-Code Using Toolpath Edit Dialog

FeatureCAM now gives you the ability to easily enter custom G-code into the NC program, such as M00 and M01. Flexibility is further increased with the ability to add multiple lines of G-code into your part program using this new feature.
- Paste Special Function
Make bulk edits to multiple features such as holes by editing one and then pasting the attributes onto many others at once. This can rapidly speed up the programming process, helping deliver parts quicker.
- Soft Errors
A new enhancement allows you to be more productive by simulating toolpaths when they have “Soft Errors”. Soft Errors such as the missing Feeds and Speeds tables only affect the NC Code output, not the toolpath itself.
These new errors allow you to focus on the toolpaths, leaving any additional data to be organised just prior to generating NC code. As an additional safety measure, the user is prevented from saving the NC code to disk until the errors are corrected.
- Exclusive Read Only File Protection
Open FeatureCAM files will now be “exclusive” to the first user that opens them. This enables FeatureCAM to prevent two users from saving on top of each other’s changes by only allowing the second user to open a read-only copy of the first user’s file. When this occurs, a warning is issued to the second user if already open by another.
- New Usability Improvements
The new usability improvements in FeatureCAM 2012 R3 include: Shade the stock material for clarification of starting material, Change multiple priority settings from the Operation List instead of one at a time, Select holes by their diameter or depth, Enhanced ease-of-use with the Total Stock attribute is now available for finish passes as well as existing rough passes.
- and more.......

What’s fixed in 2012 2012 R3 SP5 Build

A-032385 B FIXED Turn: MTT: Wrong NC-Code with MainSpindle-SubSpindle.
A-032387 B FIXED API: Angle output for UDF toolpath is incorrect
A-031905 B FIXED Network Database: Editting a temporary tool crashes.

About Delcam plc

Delcam is a world-leading developer and supplier of advanced CADCAM software, with more than 35,000 customers in over 80 countries. These clients vary from global names like Nike, Boeing and Mattel to small start-ups and individual craftsmen. Founded 30 years ago, we are the largest developer of product development software in the UK, with subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia. Our global success has been recognised with many awards, including three Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the last six years.

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Name: Delcam FeatureCam
Version: 2012 R3 SP5 Build
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 1.3 Gb

Special Thanks Team-SolidSQUAD


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