Zutubi Pulse Server v2.2.8 MultiOS

Zutubi Pulse Server v2.2.8 MultiOS

Zutubi Pulse Server v2.2.8 MultiOS | 132.5 MB
Pulse is a continuous integration server that is simple to set up and easy to use while providing advanced features. Pulse automatically monitors your SCM server, checks out changed code, builds it and notifies you of the results. Pulse is designed to save you time through a combination of usability and advanced features. It also adapts to your existing environment, allowing you to get started without changing the way you work.

WHATS the new in Pulse 2.2

The latest release of Pulse, version 2.1, is now available! This release includes several major new features and improvements. Some of the more important enhancements are detailed below.
Pulse now boasts project dependency management, allowing you to declare dependencies between your projects and deliver built artifacts between them. Smarter triggering has also been added for dependent projects. Dependency support is built on Apache Ivy, making it interoperable with projects that already use Ivy. Pulse can act as an Ivy repository both for internal projects and external ones.
multi-command projects

Pulse has always allowed a build to consist of multiple steps, but in previous versions to access this flexibility you had to write an XML file by hand. Now there is full UI support for configuring multi-command projects, and the full flexibility of all the commands has also been exposed in the UI. Of course, if you prefer, you can still write your XML files by hand (and even version them with your code).
personal build improvements

Pulse personal builds allow you to submit your changes to Pulse for testing before you commit them. In 2.1, several improvements have been made to personal builds, including:

* The ability to choose the revision for the build.
* Optional updating of your working copy to the build revision.
* Pluggable patch formats, with support for standard unified diffs.
* The ability to submit an existing patch file.
* A smarter internal patch format and with improved application.

These improvements make requesting personal builds more flexible and interoperable. For example, you can create patches with other tools and submit them directly to Pulse.
further .net tool support

Support has been added for the popular .Net build tool NAnt and the NUnit testing library. NAnt support includes a new command and a post-processor to extract error and warning messages from both NAnt itself and commonly-used tools (e.g. the Visual Studio compilers). NUnit support includes a post-processor that can read NUnit XML reports to integrate test results into your Pulse builds.
agent utilisation statistics

A new "statistics" tab has been added for agents. This tab lists various figures such as the number of recipes the agent executes each day and how long the average recipe keeps the agent busy. Statistics are also shown for agent utilisation, including a pie chart that makes them easy to visualise. This allows you to see if you are getting the most out of your agent machines
build result comments

Users can now leave comments on build results. This allows teams to communicate; for example by leaving a note indicating why the build failed. Comments are displayed prominently on the build summary tab, where users viewing the build will be most likely to see them.
fine-grained cleanup rules

Cleanup rules allow you to reduce disk space usage by having Pulse automatically delete old and unwanted build data. In 2.1, there are more options controlling exactly what is cleaned up. This allows you greater control: for example you can remove old build artifacts but maintain the key build result information.
built-in reference documentation

The documentation for Pulse XML files is now built-in to the Pulse server, so that it matches the exact version and plugin set you have installed. A link in the top right-hand corner of the UI opens this reference documentation.
pluggable commands

As part of the changes for multi-command projects, both command configuration and the command APIs were overhauled. These changes make plugging in a command much easier than before. As with other configurable elements, commands can now be fully documented and integrated into the UI when plugged-in. Single command projects can use any plugged-in command with no extra effort for the plugin author.
admin ui improvements

Multiple improvements have been made to the administration user interface. Most notable among these are:

* A reduction in nesting in the configuration tree.
* Performance improvements for large configuration sets.
* A reduction in the number of files used to store configuration.

system requirements

Pulse is multi-platform, and has few system requirements:

* A Java Runtime Environment, version 1.5 (or higher).
* (Perforce users only) The perforce command-line client. Personal builds require version 2004.2 or later.
* (Git users only) The git command-line client.

Unpack, Install
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java -jar zutubi_keygen.jar
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